I Hadn’t Remembered

I hadn’t remembered this path I had walked,

Many a year in November.

I hadn’t remembered the leaves on the floor,

And the trees red with fire and warmth.

The trails winding down to a castle in the sea,

And the sky a bright blue,

Burning my eyes.

The laughter of the birds

Brings me back in time,

Takes me to a point on the rocks and the breeze.

Wind reminds me to remember this peace,

And to always walk in the light.


Now I have seen the leaves turn to snow,

And the rosehips are snorted by pigs.

Memories light the paths that we go,

And now I remember to love,

To love, to love and again,

To love, to love, to love and again,

To love.

Untitled Poem 2

I am like the rain,

On a Sunday evening,

When your grandma made you smores,

And you sat curled up with a good book,

Stroking the cat.

Comfort is near the door.

It springs out of a cupboard,

Like a jack-in-a-box,

Lighting up all it sees

With the smile of a fox.

I am sleep, so deep,

In a Japanese garden,

With peaceful turtles

And the chimes of wind;

Laughter and cool words,

Like a drink of fresh water.

I am leaves on the road,

As summer turns to spring,

And fall is on the way down,

Coming close.

إذا (If)

Arabic poem:

إذا تحبّ الدنيا، فلتعيش بالسّعادة

إذا تحبّ الجسد، فلتغذّيه بالحبّ

إذا تحترم صوت العصافير، فلا تنسى بيتك

لا تكسر مرآة الأحلام، اللّتي تحمل كلّ المستقبل، و الآن الممرّ كالنّهر و خريره

إستفيد من نور الشّمس، و لا تعطش حين الشّتاء يكرّمك بميائه الحلوة، و صوت الهواء بالأوراق المتصاقطة

English translation:

If you love the Universe, then may you live in happiness

If you love the body, then may you nourish it with love

If you respect the sound of birds, then don’t forget your home

Don’t break the mirror of dreams, that which holds the whole future, and the Now that flows like the babbling river

Benefit from sunlight, and don’t thirst when winter blesses you with its sweet water, and the sound of the wind in falling leaves.

Untitled Poem 1

I am strong, to face what comes.

I am lightning in the wind.

I am paper, flying free and wild, to a rock over the sea.

I am sense, speaking words of wisdom, hugging my mind.

I am all that man cannot see, hidden in a depth of soul.

I am a place where light is happy, where grace thrives and wants to be.

I am all these things. I am a girl of the land and sea.

My heart is kind like a giving mountain;

And though it may grieve…

Water’s always flowing on the other side,

Going on.

Were we laughing?

Were we laughing

When you said to me,

“Let’s spill water out of this bowl

Onto the head of that young man in the street?”


The water missed him, slid down the pavement.

I felt dandelion curls against my cheeks as I ran away into the safe dusk of the living room.


You followed suit, and crouched behind the glass door separating us from reprieve.

For all you know, you could have saved my life.


I don’t remember.

I don’t know if that laugh we had was real,

Or a dream that flung me

Into the silent world of a peaceful park and winter-stained trees.


A Welsh village in the stillness of flooding –

Llanandras himself could not have meditated better.

Yet it is not you who runs next to me,

Sloshing through mud and fear

At the forest’s edge.


There is nobody listening.


I look you up,

I find you on my bracelet as a red gleam.

Your secrets rest in my letterbox –

I do not think to miss you –


I have you all the time, darling. All the time.